"He [Emran] possesses a sharp business acumen and has the gift of comprehending and reading situations well. I take his counsel quite often as his suggestions have often added efficiency to our process and he has proven to be a thoughtful and strategic leader. In addition to being part of the executive management team, he also serves as the Principal Trainer at Maritz and has designed and delivered the training material to our consultants while constantly improving the course-ware. "

Uzair Mukadam, CEO of Maritz Consulting

"He [Emran] is an excellent Scrum Master and analyst. I have especially appreciated his tenacity in getting the team to focus on what's important as well as successfully manage the outside influences that can sometimes derail an entire effort. He has a natural ability to see the big picture and can anticipate and mitigate possible challenges. In addition, Emran is a lot of fun. He has a wonderful sense of humor and has a charming and engaging personality."

Heather Helm, Product Owner & Business Sponsor at Be The Match Foundation

"Emran is a natural leader. He has great coaching and mentoring skills. At 'Be the Match' he coached scrum teams that have been acknowledged as very high performing and self organizing. Emran is very thorough, dedicated and detail oriented. He brings great enthusiasm, and positive energy to the work place ."

Lakshmi Chavali, Agile Scrum Master at Be The Match Foundation

"Emran was a lead analyst on one of the key teams within our program. He showed excellent leadership skills directing two to three of his peers. Emran actively worked with me and went out of his way to meet the intense deadlines that we were under. He was always willing to take on additional work and often assisted with solving enterprise-wide issues that easily reached beyond the official scope of his project. Emran was comfortable communicating at both the project and program level. And, he professionally worked with board members when required to present project issues coherently and always provided solution options to risks and challenges."

Todd Decker, Director of Integration at Virgin Mobile

"Emran has great analytical skills and documents business flows and requirements exceptionally well for development teams. While in meetings with non-technical people Emran makes it very simple for them to understand technology. And for technical folks Emran makes it very simple to understand business problems."

Ahmed Janjua, Project Manager at Velos

"Emran is a team player and results oriented. His efforts have driven a successful partnership between integrated teams. I have always appreciated Emran's ability to see the big picture, both from a technical and from a business perspective. The ability to put both of those together is a rare commodity, and I believe that Emran has a lot to offer because of this skill."

Mary Shermy Vincent, Program Manager at Best Buy

"Emran has a tremendous ability to learn the business quickly while developing a rapport with both business and IT alike. When the company transitioned to Agile methodologies, he not only embraced this new approach but also did a great deal of self study to provide leadership through the change. Emran has been a solid contributor in all projects he's participated in at our organization and is clearly motivated by delivering value. It's an honor to provide a recommendation for him."

Anne Gaas, Manager, Cord Blood Operations at Be The Match Foundation

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Emran for More than 6 years, during which I came to know his talent as an agile coach and an effective trainer. Above all, I was impressed with Emran’s aptitude to coach new teams of Business Analysts on Agile SDLC. Emran would be a true asset for any position requiring a seasoned experienced professional in agile coaching and training with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in agile methodology and practice."

Isaak Harchi, Business Systems Analyst at FPX

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